(a) Research and documenting American Indian Ancestry going back six (6) generations starting with your current family of either your Mother's or Father's linages is $900.00., beyond the original six (6) generations, the fees are negotiable. Also, if you would like to research both your mother and father's family lineage back six (6) generations, the fee is $1800.00. You will receive a pedigree chart of your family identifying any American Indian ancestors, copies of all documentation, and a written summary of the research findings. DNA may disclose signals of ancestry linked to the Native Peoples of North, Central and South America but only documented research can prove your connection to American Indian tribal ancestry. Let us research your family history. If you decide to proceed with the research, I will email an Invoice which can be paid by PayPal.

(b) Custom American Indian family Research available at $75.00 per hour.

(c) Fees for Contracts with Federal , State, City, County and Tribal Governments are negotiable.

"No ethical Genealogist can guarantee specific results, we can only go where the documents take us”