American Indian Ancestry Research

Do you have American Indian ancestry in your family?

When seeking your American Indian ancestry the assistance of an experienced Genealogist with a working knowledge of tribal histories and records can be instrumental to your success. DNA may disclose signals of ancestry linked to the Native Peoples of North, Central and South America but only documented research can prove your connection to American Indian tribal ancestry. Let us research your family history or clarify your DNA results.


If you have family stories of being a decedent of an American Indian, we can research and document your possible connections. 

When tracing your family stories to unravel the mysteries of lost, hidden or denied American Indian ancestry, you come closer to understanding your ancestors, but more importantly, you discover more about yourself.

Depending on the amount of family history information you provide, it is our experience that some indication of American Indian ancestry should be identifiable after researching six generations in your family tree. Typically, a project can be completed within a period of three to four weeks.

If you are interested in our American Indian ancestry research services, please provide a short message on our "Contact Page" regarding your project, and I will contact you via email or if you wish by phone to discuss your project. If you decide to proceed with the research, I will email an Invoice which can be paid by PayPal.



Dr. William T. Cross, Ph.D., after my university position at Michigan State University and a Fellowship at the Graduate School of Education, Harvard University, I have worked within Native American Communities for more than 35 years as an economic development consultant. Also, during this time I had the opportunity to assist numerous individuals and tribes with researching Native American genealogies. I am familiar with various tribal rolls from historic land allotments, treaty annuity payments, tribal census, and other data sources. During my travels throughout Indian country, I have visited over 250, Reservations, Pueblos, Rancherias, Indian Towns, and Urban Indian Centers. In addition, my research experience also includes visits to LDS Family History Centers, National Archives in Washington D.C., numerous tribal cultural and research centers, plus state, and local libraries. I am a member of the Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe of Michigan.




Research and documenting American Indian Ancestry going back six (6) generations starting with your current family of either your Mother's or Father's linages is $450.00., beyond the original six (6) generations, the fees are negotiable. Also, if you would like to research both your mother and father's family lineage back six (6) generations, the fee is $900.00.

You will receive a pedigree chart of your family identifying any American Indian ancestors, copies of all documentation, and a written summary of the research findings.